Services of Industrial property before INAPI.

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    Trademark Registration Application before INAPI

    The application for trademark registration in INAPI is a procedure that allows natural and legal persons to exercise dominion and ownership over the trade name of a trademark in Chile.

    Reply from Shape Observation

    A formal observation occurs in the first instance of the application where INAPI observes an error in the presentation of the trademark. A reply must be prepared. 

    Reply from Background Observations

    A substantive observation of the trademark registration application is an instance, where INAPI opposes the registration application, alluding to legal grounds of Law 19.039.

    Reply from Oppositions to trademark registration

    An opposition to trademark registration occurs at the stage of publication in the Official Gazette, where a third party opposes your application for trademark registration. 

    Appeal Rejection of the application for trademark registration.

    If your application for trademark registration has been rejected by INAPI, you may as a last resort file an appeal before the Industrial Property Court.